#ISeeMe Campaign

#ISeeMe is our campaign to challenge stereotypes and demand #BetterRepresentation for Africa across all the platforms that tell our stories - news, social media, film, podcasts, videos and more. We are harnessing the voices of Africans who care about how the world sees Africa. We want to amplify the stories that best represent us and flag the ones that need to do better.


Why #ISeeMe?

  • Our research shows that most stories about Africa highlight poor leadership, poverty, corruption, disease, and conflict.
  • But this narrative is different from the Africa that most Africans see and identify with.
  • It is time for change. Our stories need to represent us. Africa needs #BetterRepresentation.

What do we want?

  • More ethical, nuanced, and balanced African stories in the media.
  • An emergence of narrative-shifting African stories and storytellers on the global scene.
  • A growing community of African storytellers that challenge stereotypes.
  • An informed community of Africans that demand better storytelling locally and globally.

How can you join the campaign?

  • Engage with our #ISeeMe campaign posts online. Like, Retweet, Comment, Share.
  • Use the #ISeeMe hashtag to share stories or content that show the Africa you want the world to see.
  • Flag stories and content that falsely represent Africa with #ISeeMeNot.
  • Tell people about the #ISeeMe campaign. Join us to create awareness.
  • Tag @Africanofilter on all social media platforms so we can amplify and get more storytellers and Africans to join the movement!