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8 July 2024

Africa No Borders campaign: Frequently Asked Questions

Only content creators who are part of the African Narrative Collective and those who have been invited by Africa No Filter are eligible to apply for this opportunity. This is not an open grant call out. Content creators must have active vlogs, blogs or podcasts.

1 February 2024

Discrimination against young African diasporans in France, U.K. and U.S. is driving interest and connection towards Africa, a new report

1 February 2024 - Nairobi, Kenya: What’s it like being an African youth in the diaspora? According to the new Being African: How Africans Experience the Diaspora report, diasporic African youths experience different types of discrimination — exoticization in France, microaggressions in the UK, and surveillance and profiling in the US.

1 February 2024

La discrimination à l'encontre des jeunes Africains de la diaspora en France, au Royaume-Uni et aux États-Unis suscite un intérêt et un rapprochement avec l'Afrique, selon un nouveau rapport

1er février 2024 - Nairobi, Kenya : Qu'est-ce que c'est que d'être un jeune Africain de la diaspora ? Selon le nouveau rapport Être africain : Comment les Africains appréhendent- ils la diaspora ? Les jeunes Africains de la diaspora subissent différents types de discrimination - éxotisation en France, microagressions au Royaume-Uni, et surveillance et profilage aux États-Unis.

7 August 2023

New course to undo bias and privilege in development organisations’ communication practices

08 August - Johannesburg, South Africa: Africa No Filter, the not-for-profit working on narrative change on the continent, today launched a new digital course that will improve how communication professionals in development organisations tell stories of their projects in Africa.

2 August 2023

Here’s how you can create global platforms and audiences for your visual art

There has never been a better time to be an African visual artist: the continent’s art scene is growing, the global market is increasingly looking to the continent for exciting work, and collectors are eager to spend big bucks on African art. The ANF Academy Presents: Creating Global Audiences For Your Visual Art with Sotheby's masterclass unpacked what it takes to make it big, locally and globally.

4 July 2023

Here’s what you can do to write a winning grant proposal

The Africa No Filter Presents: Grant Writing for Storytellers and Artists masterclass offered expert tips and tools to help you increase your chances of getting a grant to support your organization or project.

25 May 2023

The dream of a united Africa is alive, but xenophobia and lack of free trade remain a challenge

25 May – Johannesburg, South Africa: Africa has more success in the international arena, with Africans elected to positions of significant power within international organisations. However, the continent still faces significant challenges when it comes to promoting continental integration through free trade, peace and security, infrastructure and cultural diplomacy. These are some of the findings from the recently launched literature review, One Africa: Pan-African dream or reality?, by narrative change organization Africa No Filter.

22 May 2023

Nine African filmmakers to watch in 2023

19 May - Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: A horror story set at a Kenyan lodge, a documentary about a dying language, and a tale about the trials and tribulations of travelling with an African passport — these are some of the films that have been awarded funds through Africa No Filter’s Last Mile Film Fund.

28 April 2023

12 villes africaines se disputent le titre de ville la plus dynamique du continent sur le plan culturel.

28 avril 2023 : Nairobi, Kenya - Johannesburg est la ville la plus dynamique d'Afrique sur le plan culturel, selon l'indice de vibration créative pour l'Afrique (CVIA), qui classe la manière dont 12 villes africaines soutiennent et favorisent les arts, la culture et les industries créatives.