What we do

Africa No Filter exists because many stories about Africa still lazily revolve around the single story of poor leadership, poverty, corruption, disease, and conflict. These stories fail to portray the other more progressive side of Africa and collectively perpetuate the narrative that Africa is broken, dependent and lacks agency. 

The result? Harmful stereotypes that continue to paint a rigidly negative picture of the continent, despite the massive strides we are making.  

Our mission at Africa No Filter is to shift these stereotypes because they impact the way the world sees Africa and how Africa sees itself. Through research, grant-making, community building and advocacy, we support storytellers to help shift the stereotypical narratives about Africa one story at a time.


Our reports identify key trends and insights on matters of African narrative and compile them into short, easy to read reports.

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Narrative Community Building

There are already individuals and organisations working hard to shift the harmful narratives about the continent. We want to empower them.

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Whoever holds the pen writes the story. We want the pen to be held by Africans storytellers.

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